Office Inspiration

So, first of all, have you tried Polyvore? I’m loving it (and frankly, I’m a little obsessed). It is a web site that allows you to cull and curate fashion, home and beauty finds into your own collage style boards. For a wanna-be graphic designer like myself, it is simply the coolest way to beautifully organize any home design idea, outfit or creative project you may be contemplating. Plus, Polyvore’s CEO is a woman and I really love to hear about success stories in women-run companies, especially in the male dominated tech world. Here is a nice Q&A with Polyvore CEO Jess Lee from The Huffington Post, if you would like to learn more.

I’ve been thinking about creating a small office area in our basement but I wasn’t sure how I’d pull it all together so I figured I’d try out my ideas on Polyvore to see how everything looks. I had some thoughts about what I wanted as far as a color scheme but then I found this gorgeous color board on a web site called A Creative Mint that I used as my inspiration.

Image via A Creative Mint

Image via A Creative Mint

It just speaks to me. I love the blues and greens along with the little pop of pale pink in the roses and the coral color of the spool of thread. Lovely.

From there, I found images on Polyvore of the desk and chair I already purchased from Bungalow 5 and an accent table I found from Wisteria. Then I let my creativity go and searched the Polyvore web site and other sites to find various accent pieces and art I could put with my little room collage, and voila, here is my basement office! Or atleast how it appears in my head–and of course, on Polyvore 🙂

Stay tuned to see how it actually turns out…


Office Inspiration

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