About Elizabeth

Name: Elizabeth Sheeler, aka Beth

Where: Akron, Ohio, except for our glorious summers spent in Nantucket, Mass.

Family:  The hub, Tim, and two lovely albeit crazy (in a good way) kiddos, Claire, 7 and William, 3. Of course, I can’t forget our other family member, the completely crazy (NOT in a good way) yellow lab, Buckley.

Favorite Colors: I can’t pin it down to one—pink, orange and every shade of blue

Lovely Flowers: Nantucket hydrangeas, pink peonies and gardenias

Most Recent Reads: These heavy titles include Fancy Nancy and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  I admit, by the time I get those kids to bed, I’m so tired I can’t seem to get through anything I want to read!

Best books of all time: To Kill a Mockingbird (I have a copy signed by Harper Lee given to me as a gift by my lovely husband) and The Great Gatsby. I know, very boring, but I love them both. Plus, I’m convinced I should have lived in the roaring 20s.

Style Icons: Jackie Kennedy & Aerin Lauder. Got to love that classic style.

Great Quotes:

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit EXTRA” – Jimmy Johnson

“Do it big, do it right and do it with style” – Fred Astaire

What I love:

  • My kids & family
  • Entertaining & parties, especially kids parties (yes, I’m one of those moms who goes crazy with the birthday parties)
  • Beautiful homes & home décor
  • Organizing ideas & organized spaces
  • Exploring new places & products either in our travels or here at home. It’s a great feeling to discover things I find especially pretty, beautiful or useful
  • Paper & stationery
  • Flowers & gardening
  • Monogrammed everything
  • All things Nantucket – the lifestyle, landscape, everything!

Why a Blog? I’ve always loved magazines. From Highlights as a child to Seventeen to Glamour and now House Beautiful, Harper’s Bazaar and Coastal Living, I love the photos and writing along with the design and style that goes into a print magazine. Blogs are our modern version of that—with always changing and evolving content.

Why “Designing Elizabeth”?  Through my travels and explorations, I want to design an extraordinary life for my family and me. Designing Elizabeth is a fun way to share that journey on my search for the best in life and the best in myself.


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