What Are You Waiting For?

 So many of you probably didn’t notice but I didn’t post last week. When I started this blog, I told myself I would post once a week and I have stuck to it so well. Except for last week. I was busy, but in a good way busy. I went on a girls trip with a bunch of friends that I grew up with. I’ve known some of these girls since we were 4 and 5 years old. We all have small children and it was an absolute miracle that most of us could make the trip.

We came from all over–Colorado, Boston, Charleston, Cleveland–and it was fun. Like pee in your pants laughing most of the time fun. It was hard to get away (a NASA shuttle launch might be less complicated than the list of logistics I left my parents and baby-sitters before I left) but so worth it. Being with friends that you have known all your life and having all the pieces fit together so easily is a gift and something that really hit me while I was there with them. When you have great opportunities that build you up, make you a better person and make you happy–like spending time with lifelong friends–don’t pass them by.

So when this image popped up on my Instagram feed the other day, it really struck me.

Image via

Image via Lara Casey Shop

I think it was the simple white paper and pretty gold lettering that first caught my eye but it is what it says that has stuck with me. Damn right. I should go do them.  What am I waiting for? Long pause…um…I think I’m not sure of the things that I’ve always wanted to do. I honestly don’t know what my “them’ is. Going back to school, starting my own business, doing a triathlon?

I do know that the thing I do–my them–has got to be something creative. I’ve been reading a lot and following blogs and Instagrams of people who are considered “Creatives,” a buzz word for artists, writers and designers who work in creative fields. Many of them show their own Inspiration Boards–a collage of images and ideas — and advocate for other Creatives to build an Inspiration Board to kick start a project or get inspired.

So I figured what better way to get started making my list of things I’ve always wanted to do than an Inspiration Board? So here goes…Let the magic begin!


Inspiration Board

This is just a selection of what I gathered digitally for my Inspiration Board. For more images, visit my Pinterest Board. Want to create your own Inspiration Board? I found this great article on The Decorista about How to Create Stylish & Successsful Vision Board and hope to create a non-digital version for my office that I can look at everyday. You can bet the print above will be on there (I just purchased it from the Lara Casey Shop!) For a collection of images of beautiful Inspiration Boards, click here.