Fall Outdoor Decor & My Urn Problem

Its that time of year when summer is almost over and I am trying to squeeze out every little bit of it–except for my garden. By this time, I have given up. The summer heat and humidity has taken its toll on my sad attempt at gardening and my tired, dry and worn out flowers and plants are clinging to the last bit of their short lives. The saddest of the sad, though, are our garden urns–2 in the front of the house and 2 in the back:

These are the front urns. The flowers in them looked so bad I just took then out and replaced them with these artificial (I know, the horror!) boxwood spheres

These are the front urns. They prominently flank our front entrance and can really make a statement (either good or bad, depending on how they look!) The flowers in them did look so bad I just took them out and replaced them with these artificial (I know, the horror!) boxwood spheres

This is what the urns in the backyard look like. Same as the front but filled with nearly dead flowers. I'm embarrassed to be showing these. They look like something from Grey Gardens.

This is what the urns in the backyard look like. They are the same as the front but filled with nearly dead flowers. I’m embarrassed to be showing these–they look like something from Grey Gardens.















Don’t get me wrong, the urns are beautiful. They came with the house when we bought it and guessing from some of the other touches around the the house and and in the garden, they are antique and very special. The problem really is me. Nothing I do in them seems to do them justice, especially this time of year. As we turn the corner to labor day, I struggle with what to put in these urns. I hate to plant more flowers because the weather can turn cold so fast here. I also don’t want to leave them empty. It gives the house and yard such a sad feeling.

So, what to do?

Enter Pinterest.

Ideas come flooding in.

Of course, I start (totally unrealistically) here:

Image via Houzz

Image via Houzz

I know. Gorgeous. I want this more than anything in my urns. However, this would absolutely not work for a few reasons:

1. We do not live in the South where this type of container could flourish

2. My attempt at this would not end up looking anything like this photo, and

3. I would kill this mother in a few short weeks

Instead, the last couple of years I have done a simple, pumpkin stacking kind of thing inspired by these photos I found on Pinterest. I liked their simplicity and style and they lasted forever with no maintenance. They actually looked pretty cute.

Image via MomDesigner

Image via MomDesigner












After two years of pumpkin stacking though, I feel like I need to do something different. I culled a bunch of ideas that I thought I would feature here and then in a few weeks, I’ll share what I finally end up with. I pinned these because they were pretty but didn’t look too complicated to put together or to maintain. You can view all of my fall planter pins on my Pinterest board, here. I’d love your input. Let me know what you think about these ideas and also what you do with your containers in the fall. I’d love to know! Happy pumpkin stacking!

Image via Stone Gable

Image via Stone Gable. This is one of my new favorite blogs. She has beautiful ideas.


Image via

Image via HomeBunch. They have got some great fall decor ideas on this site!

Image via

Image via Craftberry Bush

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Image via eabdesigns

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Image via HomeEdit