Why Not Woodstock?


My husband and I went to a phenomenal Woodstock party last weekend but I have to admit, when I got the invitation several weeks ago, I was not thrilled with the theme. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of theme parties and definitely not a fan of costume parties. Some people really enjoy these types of parties and come with incredible, creative and fun costumes while I end up feeling envious and self conscious, thinking…”Why didn’t I come up with that idea?”.  As a result, I’ve opted to forgo most themes and just wear whatever I would to a dinner party. We went to a 50’s themed party last year and I wore a black cocktail dress–yawn.

But this party was a little different. I started texting my friends to find out what they were wearing, hoping that perhaps we all could just agree to ignore the costume part of this party together.  Nope. I got texts back saying tie dye skirts had already been purchased from web sites like hippieshop.com and there was even some mention of go-go boots. I definitely had to step up my game. When I went online to look at costume ideas,  I  a) absoltluy could not picture myself in a million years wearing a tie dye maxi dress and b) decided there was no way in hell that I was going to spend more than $10 on anything for this party. I pulled up a bunch of pics from the actual Woodstock Festival and most of the women weren’t wearing tops or were completely naked, and nobody judged them, right?

Woodstock Party Paraphernalia

Woodstock Party Paraphernalia

Searching my closet, a J.McLaughlin tunic I bought a few weeks ago stuck out to me as being a good hippie-ish option. I decided to cut off a pair of old jeans that I had recently tossed in my “Give Away” pile and grabbed a cool Native American necklace that my husband brought back for my daughter from a trip to South Dakota a couple years ago. I have a great blue-faced vintage watch from, coincidentally, 1969, that I just had to throw on.  I still needed to amp  it up a little bit so  I went to the mall and found a cute black, white and blue beaded headband for $7.99, and voila…my version of Woodstock.

Granted, I looked more like Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused (picture below & one of my favorite movies of all time, BTW) than flower child from Woodstock, but hey, even putting on a beaded headband and going out of the house was a stretch for me.

Darla (Parker Posey) and her crew in Dazed and Confused

Darla (Parker Posey) and her crew in Dazed and Confused

But for some reason, putting that headband on actually changed what was IN my head. I’m not sure exactly why but for once, I didn’t feel silly and self conscious, even after I got there and saw some of the amazing costumes. It was a beautiful night in an idyllic setting next to pond with good friends, food, music and free flowing drinks. In the free spirit of Woodstock,  I embraced the theme, tossed away my inhibitions and simply, had fun.

This is me with my friend Karen with her tie dye skirt from hippieshop.com. She rocked it.

Me with my friend Karen with her tie dye skirt from hippieshop.com. She rocked it.

I had so much fun at this Woodstock party, I would love to host my own. It is really fun to look at pictures from that weekend in August 1969 and imagine what it must have been like to be there and how I would recreate it. The list of bands that played is just unreal too…The Grateful Dead, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Jimi Hendrix, Sha Na Na?!?!?!  Here are some fun pics I found online from Woodstock (Janis Joplin drank Veuve backstage!) as well as some ways you could add some cool touches to a modern day Woodstock party. Peace!

Woodstock Then & Now

Images clockwise from left to right: Crowd at Woodstock; All You Need is Love invitation from Minted.com; Woodstock image; tie-dye party ware; Janis with her Veuve; tie-dye cake; VW bus image; rainbow peace sign cookies